AY-O “RAINBOW DINNER SHOW” for AY-O’s 88th birthday

14: 30〜 at the banquet room, Karuizawa New Art Museum


Rainbow color painter, Fluxus original member AY-O celebrated 88th birthday on 19th May. The 88th birthday is a special one for Japanese, we celebrate unusually birthday party for the year. So we, Gallery 360° planned the special event for him on 8th June at the banquet room, Karuizawa New Art Museum where was holding "AY-O 88 RAINBOW" exhibition till 30th June.

The event was in two parts, the first is the dinner time which served six colors dishes and drinks to audience. The second part was the show time for 14 Fluxus pieces after the dinner time. It would be started AY-O's "Rainbow No.1 for Orchestra, Variation". Mieko Shiomi gave a new Piano Piece for his 88th birthday. The performer was Kazuma Kudo who played piano.

1. Robert Watts : 2 inches
2. Eric Andersen : Halving Piece
3. Ben Vautier : Audience Piece
4. AY-O : Rainbow No.1 for Orchestra, Variation
5. Philip Corner : Temple Bell
6. Albert M Fine : Concerto for Solo Piano and Performer
7. Lee Heflin : Fall
8. Joe Jones : Mechanical Orchestra
9. Alison Knowles : Newspaper Music
10. George Maciunas : In Memoriam to Adriano Oribetti
11. Yoko Ono : Sky Piece for Jesus Christ
12. Nam June Paik : One for Violin
13. Mieko Shiomi : Rainbow Music for AY-O's 88th birthday
14. Robert Watts : C/T Trace

performer : Keitetsu Murai, Kazuma Kudo, Osamu takasu, Reiko Yano, valinda (Yuko Mori), Asra Samper
guest performer : keiichi nakamura, Misako Yarita

We'd like to thanks to all who were participated the event, Mr.Matsuhashi, director of the museum and staff, Mr.Endo who was the chef of the dinner. A Happy Birthday AY-O !