Ben Patterson Performance

Ben Patterson

1 (tue) June 19:00-

Gallery 360 is hold "Ben Patterson perfomance" at the gallery.
It is commemoration of Patterson's first visit to Japan and tough trip "MY GRAND 70th BIRTHDAY TOUR".
The three opera programs are Patterson's master pieces in 90's.

After the performance, we'll have an auction that is sold all matters, hats, clothes, toy piano et al using performances in various places during trip of "MY GRAND 70th BIRTHDAY TOUR". AY-O gave two prints for the auction. Shiomi will join the auction by telephone. (She bid a toy piano)
All fee of the sales will be payed Patterson's returning trip cost.

■ "Madam Butterfly" Puccini/Patterson 1993
■ "Tristan and Isolde" Wagner/Patterson 1961-1993
■ "Carmen" Bizet/Patterson 1990

Performer:Ben Patterson、AY-O、Shinji Kobari、Mami Yoshimoto、Valinda