16th - 21st October


It is one of the exhibition of "DESIGNART 2017" Design & Art Festival.

Claesson Koivisto Rune is presenting Faciem – a series of twelve prints. The project is derived from the artists’ passion, discussions, research and experience of architecture after close to a quarter of a century in the profession.
Architecture is not art and art is not architecture. But it is possible to find art in architecture and architecture in art. Or put in another way: It’s easy to imagine that the architect Mies van der Rohe would have been influenced by the works of artist Agnes Martin.
The grid is all about repetition, proportions, and artistic sensibility. The face of the skyscraper is its façade which is more than just its awe-inspiring height and poise. The twelve best (according to the artists) skyscraper faces have been selected and interpreted. Then adjusted (slightly altered to the artists’ liking) and abstracted into something other than architecture. In lack of better words, you may call it a search for the essence of the grid.

Claesson Koivisto Rune is a Swedish architectural partnership, founded in Stockholm, in 1995, by Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, and Ola Rune. It started as an architectural firm, but has since become an internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary office with an equal emphasis on both architecture and design. Beyond these fields of applied art, contemporary art has always been a prime source of inspiration and for the first time, in Tokyo in 2017, the group will exhibit an art project.

DESIGNART is a new word that redefines the things that touch us and bring emotion to our everyday lives through function and beauty. It is also the name of the movement to spread and share this amazing concept. With the concept of “Emotional Life” we will gather and exhibit emotional design and art contents from all over the world, Through the recent years, the boundaries between design and art have been crossing over, and works surpassing such boundaries have been creating an international movement. However, to save the traditional industries around the world, we have noticed the need to clarify the identity of these movements through design or art, and send out this information to the people who are interested in an “emotional life”. Through our sustainable activities, we aim to enrich the qualities of lives, along with spreading the word DESIGNART, as a term to explain design and art on the same level, not just domestically but also internationally.

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