Kyoko Nagashima “IN”

Kyoko Nagashima

14 (thu) – 30 (thu) September

Installation : 13 color prints and 5 of a three frame lenticular acrylic
color print 250×370mm, a three frame lenticular acrylic 257×354mm

--Two levels of a building are regarded as “a box of consciousness”, which is divided into two territories. The whole process, that a model enters the building from the lower floor and climbs up the stairs to reach a corner of a room on the upper floor, is composed of 13 serial photographs and five lenticular panels, each of which contains three images. She vanishes for a moment at the corner of the room and at the next moment she is about to come in through the entrance again, so that the scene continues back to the first photograph.
‘IN’ takes on the motif of our conscious world. The smooth transition from the conscious to the unconscious, or from reason to instinct, is not to be controlled, but it happens to be repeating itself almost automatically every day. As the body fades away subconsciously, the primitive, free, released and influential wildness rises beyond the individuality. That transition happens constantly and quietly, while the person is unaware, and it could be physical sometimes.

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