Keiichi Tanaami “BLOW UP”

1 (thu) – 15 (thu) February

This exhibition is Keiichi Tanaami solo exhibition, series of "60's Graphics Extra" at the gallery.
The anthology "BLOW UP" which focused Tanaami's 60's graphic works was published on 1st February 2001 by Amus Arts Press. This is the publication launch exhibition also.

■ Animation and short film + the artist's talk (interviewer : Keishin Nakaseko)+signing
10(sat) February 18:30〜20:00 1,000-(1 drink)

Animation: CRAYON ANGEL - 16mm color 3 min 1975
short film: DARKNESS LURING A FAINT - 16mm color 27min 1980

BLOW UP, Keiichi Tanaami's Poster & Grpahic Works 1963-1974.
265 x 195 mm, 152 pp, 150 reproductions, 2,800-