Kyoko Nagashima “INVITATION”

1 (tue) - 17 (sat) October


Gallery 360° is pleased to announce the exhibition "INVITATION" by Kyoko Nagashima at the gallery.

I once heard that it would be a lucky sign if you found a snake in your house.
So I did not mind when I saw a calm snake lying on a tree in my garden considering it a special one.
One day, the snake was in front of my back door. It looked back at me for a moment and then turned straight ahead and went out through beneath the door.
I expected it come back again but I have never seen it ever since.

I purchased a fragment of glass in a strange shape in an antique shop.
When I looked into the glass that seemed to have been removed from equipment or something,
Everything seen through it was outlined in bright color, from trees to clouds.
I saw at least seven colors; colors between red and yellow and purple. It is not rainbows in the sky but rainbows given to all things.
I became able to see rainbows whenever I want.
Whenever I see them, I feel I am a little lucky.

Now I realize that it is just like my finding the snake in my house that was gone.
The snake has come back to me in the guise of a rainbow.
I want to have this realization reach someone else in need.
I decided to create a thing in which one can find a rainbow or a snake: a fragment of glass for somebody else.

Kyoko Nagashima

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