Milky Way ama no gawa

Sayo Nagase

7(fri) - 22(sat) September

We're pleased to announce Sayo Nagase new installation at 360° [JINGUMAE].
It will be released the artist's photo book as artist's book also.

Photo book "Milky Way"
A5, offset with plastic bag
supplement : a can badge and a luminous stone
edition 400
●we give a sticker first 100 arrivals purchasing photo book or print.

We are made from the same elements as the stars
In our transparent dome, inside our bodies, the past and the future swirl around,
arms and legs spread wide, gently swaying downstream

Eh? You’re going that way?
You’re not making a dam?
Are you scared?
There’s no need to struggle – you float

When we totally give our bodies to the flow,
we begin to melt, and start emitting light


●We're going to open a special cafe for the exhibition. It will be served special drink influenced by Sayo Nagase's works.

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