Ban Patterson “My Grand 70th Birthday Tour”

Ben Patterson

29 (sat) May

Gallery 360 is pleased to announce "Sightseeing Bus Tour Vol.2 for Ben Patterson's My Grand 70th Birthday Tour".
Ben Patterson's old friends AY-O and we plan "HAPPINGS FOR SIGHTSEEING BUS TRIP VOL.2" for his birthday. Originally it was organized by AY-O in 1966, performing Fluxus events by artists and audience during the sightseeing in Tokyo. This is the second time. We will go to Mt.Fuji, doing Fluxus events on the road and meet Ben Patterson at five steps to celebrate his 70th birthday.
We are expecting your participation.



In the merry month of May (2004) I will became 70 years old.
To celebrate this event,
I plan to mix and serve "BEN COCKTAIL" for all friends, who wish to meet me on the summit of "FUJI-SAN", Japan on the 29th of May 2004. (This will be my first visit to Japan.)

Yes, it would be very simple to fly, non-stop from Frankfurt to Tokyo.
But, how boring ! I will travel with the "TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILROAD" …and realize an old dream of George Maciunas…To make a "GRAND FLUXUS CONCERT TOUR" in various cities along the "TRANS-SIBERIAN".

Maybe, this will be a "TOUGH STUFF" expedition, or maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. ----- Ben Patterson


29 (sat) May 09:30 - 21:00

PROGRAMS by AY-O and Alison Knowles
1. Two Inches by Robert Watts/ Omotesando Street
2. Exit by George Brecht/ in the bus
3. Temple Bell by Philip Corner/ Senju-in* not performed
4. Chief by Joseph Beuys/ in the bus
5. Constellation No.4 by Dick Higgins/ in the bus
6. Ample Food for Stupid Thought by Robert Filliou/ Dango-zaka Service area
7. Exchange by Takako Saito/ Dango-zaka Service area
8. Fashion by Milan Knizak/ in the bus
9. Shuffle by Alison Knowles/ Shoujinnko lake
10. Meal variation for Today by Daniel Spoerri/ Shoujinnko lake
11. Laughing no Sound by Williem de Ridder/ Shoujinnko lake
12. One for Violin Solo by Nam June Pain/ Shoujinnko lake
13. Mechanical Soung by Joe Jones/ Shoujinnko lake
14. Mirror Piece by Mieko Shiomi/ Shoujinnko lake
15. Water Music for Ben Patterson's 70's Birthday by Mieko Shiomi/ Shoujinnko lake
16. TOT by Wolf Vostell/ Jukai
17. Rainbow Music No.1 by AY-O/ Jukai
18. Abraham by AY-O/ Jukai
19. Kanpai by Ben Patterson/ 5th Station
20. Halving Piece by Eric Andersen/ 5th Station
21. Song of Uncertain Lenghth by Emmett Williams/ 5th Station
22. Heads by Goeffrey Hendricks/ 5th Station
23. Head Piece by Yoko Ono/ 5th Station
24. In Memoriam to Adriano Olivetti by George Maciunas/ 5th Station
25. Sound Poem by jacson MacLow/ in the bus
26. Hand Crap by Yasunao Tone/ in Aoyama

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