The Rainbow Dinner Event to celebrate AY-O’s 81st birthday in the evening on 19th May 2012


May 19th 6:30 - 8:30pm

Dear AY-O's freinds,

AY-O who is holding a large retrospective exhibition, AY-O : Over the Rainbow Once More" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo for three month from February, will reach his 81st birthday on 19th May.
Gallery 360ツー is planning a rainbow dinner on 19th May to celebrate his birthday and the great success of the exhibition. We would like you to join in sharing the rainbow dinner while making the Fluxus Concert.
We would be very pleased for those it is difficult to come from overseas to join the rainbow dinner. Could you please send us some text messages for his birthday, something like drawing in PDF file, or some instruction which we may use to perform at the concert to the following e-mail address?
E-mail address :
Usual mail format or PDF files are acceptable.
We will print them out and put on the walls. After the completion of the party we will compile them to give AY-O for his birthday gift.
It is very much appreciated if you could send us your message, even a word, although you may be engaged in the events commemorate the 50th anniversary of Fluxus.
Best regards,

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