Rosslynd Piggott “several types of flight – letters to the sky”

27 (tue) October - 7 (sat) November


The exhibition of the new works of Rosslynd Piggott, artist in Melbourne,
Australia, will be held as follows:

This time there are shown 30 items of drawings created with the envelopes
and letter paper she found in Paris where she stayed for 3 months last year.

Away from her home country, they were drawn with delicate pencil lines as
they automatically flew out and made to sensitive and sophisticated works
which are very much of Rosslynd.
Rosslynd Piggott who created the works with new information she got to know
in a new country and in reaction to such.
It could be said that it is the communication art born by crossing over
different cultures.
This time the essence is concentrated in a small frame of envelopes.

  • drawing_1
  • drawing_2
  • drawing_3