Satomi Yamauchi “Celebration”

1 (tue) - 22(tue) December


12:00-19:00 closed on sun & holiday

Display and make an installation wall by about 30 photographs
+ published new photo book, B5 40pp color

Following the previous work “This must be the place” taken during the revisit to a small town in Florida where Satomi Yamauchi used to live in her childhood, the current work is also a part of Florida series and a collection of photographs of surround of ever powerful Disney World in Florida. The city yet under development shows the features of Disney World, which are not covered in tour guide books.

Walt Disney planned to construct his own ideal town and acquired a vast area of land in Florida. However, he passed away before implementation. Following his will, the town “Celebration” was created in 1994.

Located southeast of Orlando, Florida, in vicinity to Walt Disney World Resort, the residential area in Celebration is surrounded by wooden railings and consists of rows of “good old American” colonial-style houses, which is “the safe, delightful, dreamlike town with nice communication to neighbors”.

And, “EPCOT”, the experimental future city which Walt Disney made great efforts to construct during his last years. The world of yesterday and tomorrow only, which Walt Disney made.

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