Shigeru Moroizumi “FLUTTERING HEARTS – 100 DAYS”

17 (thu) – 30 (wed) November


Thermometers are in the shape of a heart. It can't be a thermometer without scales, but it is in a constant motion by the change of temperature.
The earth rotates once in 24 hours, and it brings different temperature between day and night. This is why a thermometer has a swing in 24 hours. It owes to this rotation and the difference of the temperature that all the lives are born on the earth, and that we live on the earth. This swing is like the heartbeat of the earth to me.
This work of mine is positioned among the series work of lining thermometers. The move of red liquid made by the change of temperature looks like fluttering of a heart in my mind, and it is recorded and visualized as images.
Note:  A thermometer has a point of limit to plus and minus inside the space of glass. When two separate things become one again, it reaches the limit and the world in the glass sees the end.
A thermometer in the shape of a heart fluttering along with the change of temperature, that arises from the rotation and orbital motion of the earth and the sun.

This video is the visualization of the record of 100 days of Fluttering Heart – Wing.

The image was recorded in the mini outdoor studio attached to my atelier from 21:00 of August 3rd 2005 to 20:30 of November 11th 2005. Photographic images were sampled every 30 minutes, 48 pictures per day, 4,800 images in total after 100 days passed. The finished video work is 2 minutes and 40 seconds long, which is done by taking 30 images on the nearest 30 frames of film per second to make a day 1.6 seconds.

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