Takahiko Kawamura “Hello Good bye Reprise”

28 September - 12 October


Takahiko Kawamura held the solo exhibition "HELLO GOODBYE" at Nepenthes New York in July 2016. It displayed several large portrait paintings.
For this exhibition, he will be reconstructing the installation of large paintings from the Nepenthes exhibition, while also showcasing some new works as well.
Kawamura and we would be very much looking forward to your visit to the exhibition. 

Made out of lines and circles, I began this portraits while visiting New York City 14 years ago, sticking vinyl tape onto the wall of my friend's apartment in Tribeca. That initial tape drawing was made with a sense of urgency that allowed me to combine the feelings of failure that I was struggling with, and the excitement that I was experiencing during my first trip to the city. Making the drawing gave me the chance to discover what it was that I was feeling, and what it was I needed to express. By continuing to work through these same struggles. I have made the portrait that I am presenting were at Nepenthes.
New York City, the place of new beginnings. Thank you.

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