Kyoko Nagashima

7 (mon) – 26 (sat) May

Installation : movie and photographs

In the movie “Tune”, there are two separate images going on bounded by the ground. The two images, which share a single frame, may look alike just like a scenery and its reflection on a water surface, but they actually shows different places or different moments. In the course of time, the top and the bottom images get reversed and they exchange their former positions. The scenery, which occupied most of the frame until then, becomes upside down and goes under the ground. Considering the whole world expanding outside the frame, it is essentially no use to judge which is in the prior position than the other in the world where two sides of one thing relates to each other like consciousness and unconsciousness.

35-tune tenji mix
  • nagashia_2007
  • 2007_nagashima_omote