Erika Kobayashi

Born in Tokyo, Japan 1978, currently based in Tokyo.

novelist, comic & movie creator, artist


Graduated Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of the University of Tokyo.


She stayed in New York from 2008 - 2009, having received an invitation from Asian Cultural Council (The Rockefeller Foundation).
She has authored a novel called ‘Madame Curie to Choshokuwo’(Breakfast with Madame Curie) nominated for the “27th Yukio Mishima Award” and the “151st Ryunosuke Akutagawa Award” in 2014.
She published several books including 'Your Dear Kitty,' ,which is based around the diaries of Anne Frank and Kobayashi's real father, and comic works about the history of “radioactive” ‘Hikari no Kodomo1(LUMINOUS)’,
Her latest publication is ‘I can’t forget-‘(collected works, including texts, drawing, and comics).
She is also a member of kvina which female artists group.

Exhibition at 360°

2014 She Looks into the Mirror
2013 Wasurerarenaino, I Can't Forget
2008 US

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