Yoko Ono

YO-012 : FLY


50 hand-made fly figures (coated), text cards and the envelopes in the drawer, a silver plaque on black painted wooden box
edition 81, signed and numbered on the certificate paper
500,000- yen

‘FLY’ has two meanings in English as flying in the air and an insect fly. The former is what people have longed for since the primitive days, and the latter is what people hate. Ono got interested in this word that has two different meanings, and started ‘FLY project’ and completed the artist's book with John Lennon in the early 70s. The idea for the multiple comes from FLY. It is a shaker box with a drawer painted black and lustrous like lacquer and accommodate silver plate that looks gorgeous, and there is a hole on the top. 50 figures of fly are put in the hole and the cards that say ‘I find this fly and think of you’ and envelops are put in the drawer. It is ‘mail art’ that you shake a fly out of the box, put it and the card in the envelop, and send it to your friend. This work delivers the flavor of humor of Fluxus

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