LA SATRADA by Giuseppe Chiari, 1964

organise : Keitetsu Murai performer : Radio ensembles Aiida, Miho Ino, Atsushi Reizen, Valinda, Keitetsu Murai

25 February 19:00〜 ¥2,000-

Gallery 360° will hold the exhibition "GIFT" by Kyoko Nagashima.
She visited Claude Monet garden in Giverny in France in July 2016, took some photos of Water Lilies, trees, flowers. It will be showed the lenticular lens works in the motif of Monet's garden.

We will hold an event of Flux Interpreter Re-Flux Concert series on 25th February. This time we forces LA SATRADA by Giuseppe Chiari, 1964. It is 21 instructions, printed in offset on 21 cards, contain FLUX YEAR BOX 1(1964). There are many experimental sound as noise on the instructions by Giuseppe Chiari, an Avant-Garde Florence conceptual artist and experimental musician, Fluxus member in Italy.
Fluxus has many talented sound artists member, there are lots of Avant-Garde, experimental sound pieces by them. You can feel such experimental sounds at the event. Don't miss it.

Giuseppe Chiari (1926-2007) was an Avant-Garde Florentine conceptual artist and experimental musician active in Neo-Dada circles, specifically the Fluxus art movement.




3 (fri) - 18 (sat) March