there are no exhibitions, we open as "art shop".

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 13:00 〜 19:00


▪️Takahiko Kawamura LOVE 27 June ~ 15 July Open hours is the above.
This is the first new exhibition in eight years. The last day of the 15th is a public holiday, so we will be open.
We look forward to welcoming everyone.

▪️AY-O SHUKU 93 Honoring AY-O at 93 23 May ~ 16 June Open : Tru ~ Sun 13:00~19:00
We are showing his works in honor of Mr. AY-O, who celebrated her 93rd birthday on May 19.

▪️Yoko Ono's 91st Birthday Celebration Message Project has been started. Please access from the following URL https://forms.gle/HSh3ra3hS6Xf6Ymt7 *closed on 15th. Now the book is editing & printing.

▪️Miwsako Akatsu }KICAGRA" 12 Jan ~ 5 Feb Thu ~ San 13:00~19:00 at 360°[JINGUMAE]

▪️Takehisa Kosugi memorial "Takehisa Kosugi The World of Sound A New Summer 1996" 14(fri)October ~5(sat)November Open : every the, fri, sat 12:00~18:00
OPEN : every Thu, Feb, Sat 12*00 ~ 18:00

concert at Hall Egg Farm
"Takehisa Kosugi 2022" EYE, Kiyoshi Izumi, Yuji Takahashi etc 15:00 venue, 15:30 start ¥4,000-(live&drink) url : hall-eggfarm.com

[Artist's news]

■ "All things in Nature" Kenji Kawabata. 5th - 10th September, Milan Design Week 2021, La Triennale di Milano https://www.triennale.org

■ " ℃ーTraces of temperature " Shigeru Moroizumi 19 (fri) - 28 (sun) February 13:00 - 19:00

■Birthday message for Yoko Ono !
Yoko Ono will has her 88th birthday on 18th February. The 88 years birthday is very special for Japanese people. We planned the birthday message event for her special birthday. The COVID-19 pandemic, we made the site for the event. Please visit the site below and send us a message online. https://happy88thbirthday-yokoono.studio.site/


Seiji Morimoto

25 July ~ 25 August Our, Fri, Sat, Sun 13:00~19:00

Images and sounds of construction sites in Berlin.
Berlin is growing. Even in the Corona crisis, the construction boom in Berlin continues. The roar of a heavy machine engine, the whirling of a crane, the horns, the sound of an excavator, the voice of workers or the sound of wires and covers flapping in the wind at night, etc... Every moment is different. Various heavy machines appear and work, then disappear when they finish their work. In the next process, they are then replaced by other machines and sounds.
I'm still taking footage with my smartphone and recorder and adding them to the video. This work is always under construction.
Seiji Morimoto