Franz Erhard Walther


FEW01: WORKS 1958 -1970


This is the portfolio of Walther’s early works, who made unique sculptures using cloth. He used to do performances that a few people went into an artwork made of cloth to lie down on the floor or to be carried by other people. This is a valuable record of the activities of that time, which was truly original. You can now see them only through documentary photography. The record of the performances is multiplied to have a portfolio. Walther contributes a text to the portfolio, and nine pieces of text cards are produced. Walther also picks up clothes of five colors, which are actually used for the sculptures and they are appended.

WORKS 1958-1970 2003
5 cottons, 9 texts, 20 offset prints, index sheet, colophon in white cloth box


1958年から’70年までに行われたパフォーマンスの記録写真20点を選び、オフセット印刷し、ポートフォリオにしました。布の作品の中に数人が入り込み、寝転んだり,数人で運ぶなど、パフォーマンスを伴った活動をしました。記録写真でしか見ることの出来ない、オリジナリティ溢れる貴重な当時の活動です。このポートフォリオにヴァルター自身がテキストを寄せ、9枚のテキストカードに制作しました。ヴァルターが実際に彫刻に使用される布を 5色選び,添えられています。


  • box
  • card
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