Yutaka Matsuzawa


YMatsuzawa01: The Nine Pillars / 九つの柱ー次なる千年に向けて

Artist's book,
11 offsets in paper folder
Artist : Yutaka Matsuzawa, Nobutaka Ueda, Mitsu Sakura, Hideki Nakazawa, Kouichi Muneta, Hiroshi Itami, Kanji Wakae, Yasuhiro Okaszaki, Shinichi Seike
condition : a 10mm torn on the folder

In an attempt to systematize the original (and varying levels of) ideas transcending artistic categories, Yutaka Matsuzawa has studied and worked in many different fields for his project, titled "The Nine Pillars". The fruit of his study and its crucial message has been gathered to support one hundred years of the 21st Century as well as to for see the next thousand years. This undertaking has been preserved in nine pages, which will be sent as a chronicle left unseen until the future.

九つの柱 松澤宥「暗黒星雲計画ー見宝塔品第九」



  • 9の柱2
  • 9の柱1
  • 9の柱_裏
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