Shigeru Moroizumi

Born in Kanagawa, Janan, 1954

1979 B.F.A. of Sculpture Graduated from Tama Art UniversityActivities

2002 Publishing of Artist Book "℃"
1999-2000 Organizer PSI; and joined public art
1999-2000 Internet Project;The Shonagon Papers
1999-2001 Planning and Management of Fujino International Art Symposium

- Tens of thermometers scattered on the working table in my atelier looks connected to me for just one moment. They link one after another in my head to start forming a red belt. Then it starts series of movements in the sunlight coming through the window. -

I make my artworks using thermometers made of glass and liquid. A thermometer traps liquid inside the glass, and the liquid expands and constracts according to the change of temperature. It is a gauge that measures temperature utilizing the natural phenomenon with the scales on it. The thermometer I use can be another gauge of cool/warm temperature that is used in the sphere of human habitation. I remove the scales from the thermometers, but with some exceptions. When I am stripped of scales to read, I am thrown into where there is no word and no way of communication, however on the other hand, I come up to see new aspects that thermometers hold internally. This new look of thermometers becomes my material to work on, and I visualize the physical change that thermometers show as temperature changes. The resulting works will never stop changing under the influences of the changes of environmental temperature, daily rotation of the earth and its yearly rotation around the sun. Of course they also change according to the relationship with man as heat generator. This is my job to visualize these changes.

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